John Tilden, 2018

  • Never Forgotten

    I try not to forget to make a stop by our local Police HQ where we have a September 11th memorial containing 2 girders and rubble from the WTC.  Quiet reflection is useful, and I lived through this as a young father not far from several targets.  My life wasn’t directly impacted that day, but…

  • Ever go back and look at really old writing of yours?

    I come from a family that was blessed (or is it cursed?) to be savers.  So I’ve got writing all the way back to elementary school.  Some of it’s not that bad.  But some of it elicits involuntary cringing. I had a pretty good run of trying my hand at things through my first real…

  • Welcome to my fresh start!

    I’ve been doing a webpage for a very long time.  I started hand coding in Notepad and that’s really where my knowledge of HTML has stagnated for a long time. I’m doing this website now to get a sense for how to maintain something in the twenty-first century.